Ayurvedic Eye Care

ayurvedic eye careProblems with vision and irritation to the eyes can increase as the age of our body increases.  Alochaka Pitta is the sub-dosha of Pitta that is associated with vision and this becomes depleted as our bodies age.  Lifestyle factors that can also affect our eyes include spending too long in front of a computer or TV screen, reading or driving for long periods of time or living in a large city with pollution.

If using the computer for long periods of time, it is important to rest the eyes at regular intervals.  Stopping every half an hour and focusing the eyes on something in the distance can be very helpful. If you can’t leave your desk, try closing your eyes and focussing on listening to relaxing music, allowing your eye muscles and facial muscles to release tension.

Using a protective screen on your computer or television screen to cut radiation and glare can also reduce irritation to the eyes.

Here are some helpful remedies for irritated or bloodshot eyes:

  • Simply washing the eyes with clean water will help. Splash some cool water into your eyes or use an eye cup and rinse out the eyes
  • Mix 5 drops of pure rosewater (alcohol free) with about 30g of purified water. Use this solution to rinse your eyes. Use a dropper and an eye cup, and be sure the water is neither too cold nor too hot.
  • Before going to bed put 1 drop of pure castor oil (preservative free) in each eye. Rub 1 tsp of the oil into the soles of your feet.
  • Drink a cup of fresh orange juice with ½ tsp of natural sugar and a pinch of cumin powder.
  • A traditional Ayurvedic way to strengthen and soothe the eyes is to gaze at the flame of a ghee lamp.

These eye exercises are beneficial for improving the circulation of the eccentric muscles of the eyeball:

  • Blink eyes rapidly several times then open eyes
  • Move eyes up and down, side to side, diagonally from top left to bottom right, diagonally from top right to bottom left, clockwise in a circle, counterclockwise in a circle
  • Hold outstretched arm in front of you. Look at the top of the index finger and gradually bring the finger close to you, following it with your eyes, until it touches your ‘third eye’ between the eyebrows
  • Look at the tip of your nose, and then up toward your ‘third eye’
  • Finally, close your eyes tightly, then release.
  • After finishes the eye exercises, or anytime your eyes feel strained or irritated, rub palms together vigorously to make them warm then place lightly over your eyes.

The content on this website is not medical diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your healthcare provider.

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