Ayurvedic Tips for a Healthy Home

ayurvedic tips for a healthy homeTry these tips for a healthy home environment. Got any more to share? Leave your comments below…

  • Wear clothing and use bedding made of natural fibers – cotton, wool, silk, hemp or linen.  Artificial fibers disrupt the flows of energy in the body.  Polyester, for instance, is a plastic made from petroleum by-products and is unhealthy to wear.
  • Use cleaning and personal care products with natural ingredients and no artificial perfumes.
  • Keep your surroundings clean – one good way is to keep shoes outside the house, keeping much of the dirt outside.
  • Use decorations and artwork that are peaceful and uplifting.
  • Use colors appropriate to constitution (dosha) and room use.  Use colors that area pleasing and light, avoiding dark, harsh, ultra bright or agitating colors or designs.
  • Pictures of saintly people, deities or natural scenes promote mental peace.  Pictures of war, misery, or chaotic modern art scenes promote mental anxiety and instability.
  • Keeping plants in the house is good for air quality and promotes sattwa.  Avoid cactus or poisonous plants!  Aloe and jade plants or flowering plants are good, as are fragrant herbs.
  • Maintain good air flow and cross ventilation.
  • Sleep with the head towards the South or East, especially avoid the North as that causes disturbed sleep.
  • Use incense or essential oils appropriate for the constitution as these promote mental and physical health.

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