Ayurvedic Tips for Mealtimes

ayurvedic mealtime tipsTry incorporating these tips into your mealtimes and notice any changes in your digestion and overall wellbeing.

  • Wash hands before and after eating and rinse your mouth afterwards.
  • Sip hot water while eating; never guzzle cold drinks with food.  Better not to drink a lot right before or right after meals.
  • Eat in a peaceful frame of mind and atmosphere, to do otherwise invites indigestion and then toxins are generated.
  • Before meals, try eating a small piece of peeled ginger root with a pinch of salt to stimulate digestion.
  • Keep in mind that food should be eaten fresh, warm (unless it’s raw) and never refrigerator cold.  Tasteless, stale, rancid, or otherwise distasteful food harms the health.
  • If you don’t have an appetite, but you feel you need to eat, take something very light and easy to digest, or skip the meal (unless chronically underweight).
  • A glass of warm, boiled milk before bedtime with appropriate spices helps sleep.
  • Prolonged fasting or radically restrictive diets are unhealthy.
  • Taking naps after meals promotes kapha and weight gain.
  • Storing water in a copper pot overnight and then drinking is good for liver and spleen.
  • Don’t eat a meal if you have undigested food still in the stomach; several hours should elapse between meals.  Constant snacking is unhealthy.
  • Try to eat the main meal of the day around noon; since that is often impossible, at least eat the main meal before sunset, several hours before sleeping.
  • Never microwave food as they destroy the Prana in food.
  • Eat food that is balancing to your constitution – dosha – according to season.  Eat food in as natural a state as possible, avoiding pre-processed, pre-cooked or junk food, and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

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