Establishing a Daily Routine

establishing a daily routineHere is a sampling of some basic Ayurvedic healthy habits.  Regular routine is important to achieve healthy balance, and even a few good habits practiced regularly can noticeably improve health. To make habits last, try adding just one healthy habit per month and sticking with it. At the end of 30 days it will be firmly ingrained as a habit and you can try adding another one the following month. This is a much more sustainable way of making changes rather than trying to do a complete lifestyle makeover all at one time.

  1. Rise from bed before the sun; the hour and a half before sunrise is most conducive for meditation.  Rising before the sun garners the physical body the most solar energy for strength and health.
  2. Clean the tongue with a tongue scraper and then brush teeth.
  3. Try to achieve the habit of evacuating the bowels soon after rising.
  4. A morning shower or bath after using the toilet promotes the mode of Sattwa or goodness.
  5. Incorporate 10 – 15 minutes of meditation into your daily routine for internal cleansing and peace of mind.
  6. Wear clean clothes every day.
  7. Develop the habit of fasting one day a week to help reduce toxins and improve the digestive fire.  Even a monodiet of rice, kittrie, broth or juice (one of them) will be beneficial.
  8. Try to go to sleep before 10 PM.  (Makes getting up earlier easier!)
  9. Try to shower or bathe before going to bed; if not possible, at least wash the face, hands and feet well.

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