Ginger ~ Ayurvedic Wonder Herb

GingerGinger was known in vedic times as vishwabhesaj – the universal medicine” It is the most satvic of all herbs.  This means the qualities of the herb help to move a person to the mode of goodness.  A Satvic state is the state we should be in to meditate.

According to Ayurveda, fresh ginger root is pungent and heating in quality and has a sweet vipaka or post-digestive effect.  It is said to be tri-doshic meaning it balances all doshas, however due to it’s heating effect, Pitta individuals should use it in moderation.

Ginger works on all systems of the body but more specifically the digestive and respiratory systems.  It helps to build the body’s digestive fire and improves our capacity to digest and assimilate nutrients from food.  It relieves gas and cramps in the abdomen and can be taken about fifteen minutes before eating to help the body digest food (about 1/2 tsp fresh).

During Winter ginger can be beneficial for fighting off colds and flus as it breaks down congestion and infection in the respiratory system.  It can be taken grated and steeped in hot water (1/2 tsp fresh) or made into a tea with a little lemon and honey added just before drinking.

Ginger can also be used externally as a paste for pain and headaches.  It is an extremely versatile herb that can be grown at home and used in just about any dish from stir fry to porridge to pancakes!  Add ginger to your life and boost your immunity and overall well-being.

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